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Stress Less

Everyone has stress from time to time or needs a little help when life gets overwhelming. Learn how to become more resilient and where to get more support. 

heart icon I'd like to manage stress better.

It's hard to stay on track in the face of life's ups and downs. I need to find help bouncing back from these challenges.

At times I struggle with managing stress, depression or anxiety – Download the Sanvello app for on-demand support and self-care tools, whenever you need it most.

My mind is racing with all I have to do – Manage everyday stress with relaxation techniques, resiliency support, mindfulness tools and meditations.

I've got some tough things going on and could use some extra support – so I'm going to take advantage of free visits with a licensed counselor by phone (866-781-6396), in person at the Well or virtually.

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Additional Resources & Support

Not sure where to begin? Contact Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371 to get support for your goals.

Join the UnitedHealth Group Stride community to support each other on the journey.