Supporting Each Other on a Journey to Health

Learn how this couple changed their life with Real Appeal

Brian Foppes, senior program director in Enterprise Integration Services at UnitedHealth Group, and his wife Julie made a commitment to get healthy together. Overweight and unhealthy, they decided it was time to make a change. Check out their story about how Real Appeal helped to make their shared wellness goal a reality.

Where we are today

With our Stride movement, we’re focused on putting our resources and know-how as a health care leader into the hands of our team members so, together, we can move toward healthier.

“Just three years ago, we introduced Real Appeal, an online weight-loss program that inspires employees toward positive, lasting changes for a healthier life,” said Dr. Richard Migliori, chief medical officer at UnitedHealth Group. “UnitedHealth Group was one of the first companies in the nation to offer Real Appeal as a covered benefit, and today I want to share with you the significant impact this program has had on our employees. Since launch, our participants have lost more than 175,000 pounds. Brian and Julie’s story is amazing, and there are many stories just like this one out there.”

Stride makes weight loss and heathy living easier for everyone. And with Real Appeal, you have access to an online weight loss program that can help you take small steps to lose weight and keep it off. If you’re eligible but have been holding back, now is maybe the time to take the first step. Enhancements and new features make this program better than ever. Visit Real Appeal (Optum360) to learn more.

Real Appeal is available at no additional cost to employees and family members enrolled in the following medical plans: HSA-eligible Plans, Accountable Care Plan, Doctors Plan, Fairview Primary Care Plan, Kelsey-Seybold Primary Care Plan, Primary Care Plan, Premium Physician Plan, WellMed 1st Tier and Hawaii PPO.

before and after real appeal results