Bill MacLafferty Takes Charge of His Wellbeing

Bill MacLafferty, a UnitedHealth Group actuary based out of Fishers, Indiana, was beginning to lose control of his health. Years were passing him by and the numbers on the scale continued to rise. The problem was that he had no motivation to do anything about it.

Real Appeal  helped Bill take charge of his own wellbeing journey without depriving him of his favorite foods and enforcing strict rules. "My favorite aspect of Real Appeal is the flexibility that allows you to maintain control," Bill said. "There are no hard-and-fast rules or prohibitions. Real Appeal equips you with an extensive toolkit of information and support, and then you manage your own wellness plan, making whatever trade-offs you choose to make. Everyone's journey will be different, but YOU are in charge!"

In aggregate, Real Appeal members have lost more than 2 million pounds in less than four years, including 182,000 pounds lost by UnitedHealth Group and Optum360 participants since the program launched in September 2015. From personal coaching and nutrition material to technology supports with hands-free learning tools, Real Appeal lets members engage when they want, how they want and where they want. The program includes an internet TV show featuring celebrities such as Helen Hunt, Vivica A. Fox and Nomar Garciaparra.

Real Appeal members receive the following:

  • Up to a year of support from a Transformation Coach. Your coach guides you through the program and develops a simple, customized plan that fits your needs, preferences and goals.
  • 24/7 access to digital tools and dashboards that help you track your food, activity and weight.
  • A success kit full of healthy weight management tools including fitness guides, a recipe book (with quick family meal ideas and fast-food eating tips), weight scale and more.
  • Support from weekly online group classes to learn healthy ideas from your coach and other members who share what's helped them achieve success.

Offered at no additional cost as part of our health benefits plan, Real Appeal is available to those who meet program eligibility requirements*.

The program worked for Bill, who has already lost 81 pounds** – surpassing his original goal of 50 pounds. He has learned how to make healthy decisions and in turn it has given him more energy and enhanced his overall wellbeing.

To learn more and join today, visit Real Appeal.

*Requires enrollment in an eligible medical plan. If you have questions about your medical benefit eligibility, call 800-357-1371 (UnitedHealth Group), 888-651-4004 (Optum360), and 844-585-1466 (OptumCare ProHealth Physicians).

**Four out of five of our at-risk members have lost an average of 10 pounds after attending four online sessions.