Mettina Carroll: My Way to Wellbeing

Mettina Carroll's career as an Optum health coach inspired her to practice what she preaches.

We met Mettina in 2017 when she gave us our first peek into how the Wellbeing at UnitedHealth Group resources helped her make healthy lifestyle changes. Since then, her health has been thriving as she's been committed to meeting her goals. 

"Wellbeing means living a happy, healthy, prosperous life, and I believe UnitedHealth Group does a very good job of helping us in all aspects," said Mettina, a resident of Cumming, Georgia. "I think there are a lot of opportunities to build on our career, to build on our financial growth, to build on our health, and they provide many tools for us to accomplish our goal."

Programs such as Rally for Health and Real Appeal have helped Mettina maintain accountability and meet her health goals.