To Get Healthy, Diana Put Herself First

When it comes to getting healthier, there is often one “a-ha” moment that makes you recognize something needs to change. For Diana Herrick, underwriting coordinator, UnitedHealthcare, Employer & Individual, it was the realization that she needed to put her own needs first. She was always so busy taking care of her kids and then her grandkids that she never made time for herself. The decision to finally make herself a priority gave Diana the courage and motivation to commit to changing her lifestyle. 

“About a year ago, I reached the point where I wasn’t happy; I was genuinely concerned for my health,” Diana said. “At 64 years old, it was time to start thinking about myself. I knew I couldn't give my best to everyone else until I gave my best to myself.”

After struggling with her weight for years, Diana recommitted herself to getting healthy. She joined WW (Weight Watchers) and credits the program for helping her establish new healthy lifestyle habits. Inspired by her sister, who had just completed a half marathon, Diana joined a Couch-to-5K program and after weeks of training she made it across the finish line of her first 5K.

“At first, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do the race, but I decided to give it a chance,” Diana said. “It wasn’t the idea of how fast I was, it was just that I did it. That alone motivated me to keep going.”

To support her dedication to healthier living, Diana also joined the Lose and Win program offered through the Well. The nine-week class meets once a week and focuses on learning healthy living basics and weight management strategies in a supportive, collaborative environment.

“Losing weight can be tough, but having the support of the people you work with and being in the program together is so encouraging,” Diana said. “Sue Margo, our program leader in Hartford, inspires us every day. She’s taught us everything from how to read labels and make better choices to how to use the training equipment in the on-site workout facility.”

With the ongoing encouragement of her family – and now her WW, Fleet Feet, and Lose to Win families – Diana has lost 55 pounds and successfully finished her first 10K last spring. Crossing the finish line gave her such a feeling of empowerment that she is actually looking forward to her next challenge – a half marathon.

Even with all the successes, there have been challenges.

“The biggest challenge for me is not feeling like a failure when I don’t make the best choices,” Diana said. “I’ve learned that if you aren’t perfect one day, that’s OK. That day is over and tomorrow is a new day; you get to start again.”

Diana knows she has made a lifelong commitment to her health and each day she makes choices that lead to a better life. And that dedication is what she’s most proud of.

Stride Resources

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