Swap Takeout for Homemade Burrito Bowls

UnitedHealth Group CEO Dave Wichmann joins Phoenix call center supervisor Salyna Civico and chef and registered dietitian Julie Andrews in the Stride Teaching Kitchen to make a healthier version of a takeout favorite – burrito bowls.

Watch the video to learn how to make this fun and delicious weeknight meal in minutes! Also learn more about Dave’s commitment to Stride, and Salyna’s personal Stride story, including how she inspires her family and co-workers to get involved in the journey to better health.

For the full recipe featured in this video or to watch this video at home, be sure to check out Chef Julie’s blog at

Stride is UnitedHealth Group's wellbeing movement designed to help each of us take advantage of the world's biggest support system: our company. And sharing team member stories is an important part of this support system. This story is part of a series about inspiring each other on our wellbeing journeys.