Rally UHC Cyclists Share Reasons to Ride

Rally UHC Cycling team members say they aren’t just riding to race. They are racing to inspire the world to ride.

Professional cyclists Emma White and Svein Tuft share their reasons to ride via two new documentary-style features. While Emma says she rides for the pure love of the sport and is an Olympic hopeful, Svein rides for the freedom it offers.

“By sharing our riders’ unique stories, we hope to inspire more people to get on their bikes,” said Rally UHC Cycling Managing Director Charles Aaron. “Whether you’re a serious cyclist or someone who’s just enjoying a leisurely ride to the store, anyone can experience the transformative health benefits of riding.”

Watch the cyclists’ stories:

Emma White
emma white video

Svein Tuft
svein tuft video

Read about the campaign and contribute your own “Reason to Ride” on the site: