Stride to Move More Challenge Results: 665,000 Miles

Ever feel like you’ve been to the moon and back while trying to juggle life and work? Well for 7,215 team members who participated in the Stride to Move More challenge, they logged enough miles to have visited the moon and back.

That’s not just one small step; it’s a giant leap for the participants who together logged more than 665,000 miles during the 75-day challenge that ended June 28.

Overall Stats

Congratulations to team Optum360 for leading the charge, averaging a total of 108 miles per team member! Here’s how each of the teams ranked at the end of the challenge:

  1. Optum360 – 108 average total miles
  2. Optum – 104 average total miles
  3. UnitedHealth Group – 98 average total miles
  4. UnitedHealthcare – 85 average total miles

And according to the participants who racked up the most miles, it started with taking that first step. 

tomeka leonard

“You just need to put one foot in front of the other,” said Tomeka Leonard, a Peoples Health claim representative in Louisiana. She came out on top, logging 2,235 miles by walking, running, biking, dancing and more.

“I like to stay active, so I make sure to get at least 10,000 steps per day,” she said. “But this challenge was my new motivation. I think it was a very good tool because it encouraged people to take action and stay healthy.”

robert purcell

The challenge’s second top participant, Robert Purcell, agrees. As a clinical pharmacist with OptumRx in Arizona, he says his desk job usually keeps him from getting more than 9,000 steps per day. But thanks to the challenge, he ramped up his workout routine.

“I’m an avid cyclist, riding an average of 200 to 400 miles each month. This past May I set an all-time personal best and rode 977 miles,” Robert said. To accomplish this feat, he got up at 4:30 a.m. almost every morning to ride for about 2.5 hours before work.

benjamin moy

Running, walking, bowling, soccer and lacrosse helped Benjamin Moy, clinical pharmacist with Optum Housecalls in Maryland, get in his 1,915 miles during the challenge. “It was sometimes difficult to stay motivated during the challenge, but my friends keep encouraging me to do more activities,” he said. “Stride has helped me move more compared to what I was doing before.”

Move More Motivator

As participants noted, they couldn’t achieve such amazing results without motivation. For many employees in the Hartford, Conn., office, that motivator was Shenae Levester, employer installation specialist with E&I Ops.

“She has stepped up as our team ring leader. Her enthusiasm and commitment to health and wellness is contagious,” said Suzanne Margo, Hartford’s Health Care Advisor. “She is definitely a Stride to Move More cheerleader for not only her team, but for others as well.