In case you missed it... Stride Speaker Series Replay: Food As Medicine

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas answers questions about gluten-free diets, organic vs. non-organic, the Keto diet, intermittent fasting, artificial sweeteners and more.

The Stride Speaker Series kicked off on Wednesday, May 22, featuring an interview with renowned cardiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas. The interview topic, “Food as Medicine,” focused on the importance of nutrition in achieving and maintaining good health, debunked many myths around food and diets, and provided practical tips on how to use food to improve your long-term health.  The discussion was moderated by Jane Pennington from UnitedHealth Group’s Office of Medical Affairs. Dr. Klodas also provides answers to a few of the top food and nutrition questions team members asked during this session.


Eat Better with Stride

Eating better is a key part of Stride, and our goal is to make healthier food more accessible and affordable for our employees. We offer useful resources to support healthy eating, including:

“In the Kitchen” blog – featuring healthy recipes and “how-to” cooking skill demos, led by chef, Registered Dietitian and author Julie Andrews.

Zipongo – a meal planning tool that’s available to all employees. It will help you plan your weekly meals and even provide a grocery list and online shopping, to take the guess work out of eating better.

Healthy Savings – available in select markets, and provides discounts each week on select healthy foods.

Employee Discount Site – offers savings on healthy meal kit delivery, Step One Foods and more.

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