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Move More

Find inspiration and tools to support your goals to move more. 

shoe icon I'd like to move more.

But we have so much that requires us to stay put – working at our desks, supervising kids' homework at the kitchen table and spending time in the car. Let's find a way to fit a little movement in our busy lives.

I need some motivation to get moving. I'm going to join a Rally mission or challenge and spark my motivation to get in more movement each day. To learn more and register, visit Rally and click on Health & Wellness.

I want to learn more about how I can increase my movement every day. I'm going to check out the Fit For Life online coaching program.

I need to find affordable ways to be more active. I'm going to work with a coach* by calling 800-357-1371 or in-person at the Well (where available) to create a simple exercise plan I can do on my own. I may also check out the employee discount site to find savings on devices and gear as well as health club memberships. 

Additional Resources & Support

Not sure where to begin? Contact Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371 to get support for your goals and earn up to $450 in Rally for Health rewards.

Join the UnitedHealth Group Stride community to support each other on the journey.

Requires enrollment in an eligible medical plan. If you have questions about your medical benefit eligibility, call 800-357-1371 (UnitedHealth Group and Optum360), and 844-585-1466 (OptumCare ProHealth Physicians). Do you have a TTY line? In the NPP, we list (TTY 711). 

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