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Lose Weight

Find weight-loss support tailored just for you. Learn more, take action and keep going. 

scale icon I'd like to lose weight. 

Weight-loss journeys are not straight paths for most of us, and no two routes are the same. Pick a path that works for you.

Group support and online coaching sound good to me – l'll give Real Appeal* a try and get going on simple steps to lose weight and keep it off.

I've tried to lose weight without real success and may need specialized care to make real progress – Medical Weight Loss treatment* will connect me with an advanced practitioner who will work to understand my unique situation and the underlying causes. Currently available at select locations.

I want to go at my own pace – so I'll check out the Weight and Wellness coaching program to lose weight at a pace that works for me.

Additional Resources & Support

Not sure where to begin? Contact Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371 to get support for your goals.

Join the UnitedHealth Group Stride community to support each other on the journey.