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Eat Better

Looking for support with eating well, cooking or planning your meals? Help is on the way. 


Resources & Support

  • Save money instantly each week on select healthy groceries with the Healthy Savings Program.

  • Join Real Appeal, an evidence-based program that provides you a simple, customized plan that fits your needs, preferences and goals.

  • Get support and education with a registered dietitian to create an eating plan to help manage conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, gut health and more. Visit the Well (where available) or contact Health Care Advisor 800‐357‐1371.

  • Take the guesswork out of healthy eating with free, personalized meal planning from Zipongo. 

  • Look for renewed healthy options on campus at Pure Cafes, markets, catering and your local vending machine.

  • Get your produce from your local farmers' market.

  • Go on the Eat Mindfully Mission with Rally and boost your heathy eating habits and earn coins as rewards along the way.

  • Join the Rally Food and Nutrition Community.

  • Find discounts on meal replacement options like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Seattle Sutton.

  • Find out if there's an on-site Teaching Kitchen near you.

  • Check out a video replay of Stride Speaker Series: Food As Medicine, featuring renowned cardiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, to learn how to use food to improve your long-term health.

Not sure where to begin? Contact Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371 to get support for your goals and earn up to $450 in Rally for Health rewards.

Join the UnitedHealth Group Stride community to support each other on the journey.

Requires enrollment in an eligible medical plan. If you have questions about your medical benefit eligibility, call 800-357-1371 (UnitedHealth Group and Optum360), and 844-585-1466 (OptumCare ProHealth Physicians). Do you have a TTY line? In the NPP, we list (TTY 711). 

The company reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the benefits discussed in this website. If there are any differences between the official plan document for any benefit and the contents of this website, the plan document will govern.