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Eat Better

Looking for support with eating well, cooking or planning your meals? Help is on the way. 

eat better icon I'd like to eat better.

But when did food get so complicated? It can be a full-time job just sifting through confusing nutrition tips or the latest diets. Find support, tailored for you. 

I could use some support creating a meal plan that helps me feel better and improve my health – meeting with a registered dietitian for nutrition counseling sounds good. Call Health Care Advisor* (800-357-1371) or schedule an appointment at the Well (where available).

I'd buy healthier food if it was more affordable – taking advantage of discounts and saving on food with Zipongo and Healthy Savings* might be good bets. 

I want to understand how to eat better and get inspired to make changes at my own pace – so I'll check out the online Eat Smart program and may even connect with a coach.

Additional Resources & Support

Not sure where to begin? Contact Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371 to get support for your goals.

Join the UnitedHealth Group Stride community to support each other on the journey.