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Now more than ever, we must not forget to focus on our own health and well-being.

Stride is designed to help us make progress toward our health goals with a boost from the world’s biggest health support system – our company. You’ll find useful information, inspiration and encouragement to help us move more, eat better, stress less and lose weight.

Together, let’s Stride toward healthier.

Get social with Stride

Need some motivation? Looking for support and community?

Join the private Stride Facebook group on your personal device or Yammer from work.

Need better sleep?

Participate in a new sleep program offered by UnitedHealthcare* and discover your personalized path toward reclaiming a good night’s sleep.

*Eligible employees include those who are enrolled in one of the following medical plans: HSA-eligible Plan, Accountable Care Plan, Doctors Plan, Hawaii PPO, Kelsey-Seybold Primary Care Plan, M Health Fairview Primary Care Plan and WellMed 1st Tier.

Help Me Stress Less

Mental Health Self Care

Support Others

Resources to Help You Now


On-demand anxiety, stress and depression solution helping to connect people with mental health support.

  • Coping tools
  • Guided journeys
  • Personalized progress
  • Community support
  • Mood tracking

How to connect
Download the Sanvello app. To unlock premium access, register with your work email address.

Employee Assistance Program

Available 24/7, the EAP provides confidential help when you need it most. It offers quick access to experts who can help you with a wide range of well-being and family support services.

  • Emotional problems
  • Family and marriage difficulties
  • Alcohol and substance use/misuse
  • Grief, depression, stress

How to connect
Click here for contact information



Rally® is a digital health experience that helps you make simple changes in your daily routine, set goals for yourself, and track your results online.

  • Digital Coaching programs focused on stress, happiness, meditation and more
  • Gratitude, meditation and other missions to support mental health habits 

How to connect
Visit Rally
Optum360 employees
OptumCare employees

Additional Stress Less Resources

I'd Like to Move More

A split banner, on the left features four people in a square design with their arms raised. To the right, MoveSpring image text that says "Connect with your team virtually for fun fitness challenges you can personalize."

More than 2,000 ways to find what moves you!

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I'd Like to Eat Better

Stride Summer BBQ

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Stride Kids in the Kitchen

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I'd Like to Lose Weight